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5 in X 10 ft Sock & Net Oil Only Boom with Snaps, Rings and Rope. (B510)

Mfg Part Number: B510

Primarily used to absorb / skim oil-based spills from all types of terrain and bodies of water. You can link them together into barriers of any length for containment and absorption. They are manufactured using an outer net of polyester and an inner sock of spun-bond polypropylene.


Unit Dimensions:

5” dia.(nominal)  X 10’ length (x/- 2”)  ½” concentricity

Unit Weight:

5.4 to 5.5  lbs

Unit Absorbency:

9.52 gallons

Units per Case /Bale:


Case / Bale Absorbency:

38.08 gallons

Case / Bale Weight:

22 to 25 lbs.

Case / Bale Dimensions:

21” diam. x 18” high

Case / Bale per Pallet:


Pallet Dimensions:

42” x 48” x 96”

  • Pallet Weight:
  • Approx. 630 lbs.
  • Rope running along length of Boom adds strength for deployment and retrieval.
  • Strong, carabiner style, steel nickel plated steel bit snaps and rings allow you to link Booms together for greater length.
  • Oil-Only Polypropylene fill is highly absorbent and selective in absorbing oil-based spills in a variety of environments.
  • Tough outer netting resists snags and debris while remaining pliable.
  • Spun bond polypropylene skin is UV resistant and meets NFPA 99 standards for static decay.
  • Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids—including lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents.
  • Hugs ground to contain spills on land; floats on water to contain and soak up spills on water.
  • Can be incinerated.
MFG UOM: 4 Bales/Case Check Price/Add to Cart
5 in X 10 ft  Sock & Net Oil Only Boom with Snaps, Rings and Rope.